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Changing Lives One at a Time

“Changing lives, one at a time” encapsulates our unwavering commitment to transformative impact, extending its reach to our dedicated employees, the people we serve, and partners. 

For our employees, it reflects our belief that every team member plays a crucial role in the collective journey of positive change. Whether through professional growth opportunities, a supportive work environment, or fostering a sense of purpose. We aim to empower our employees to thrive personally and professionally.

Simultaneously, the slogan speaks to our dedication to the individuals and communities we serve. We approach the unique needs of each person served with compassion, and acknowledging the profound effect our services can have on their lives.

By embracing the ethos of “Changing lives, one at a time,” we foster a culture that values both the well-being of our team and the meaningful impact we make on the lives of those we serve.

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Oakdale, MN


Licensed to provide Waiver Services RSC and Housing Related Services in the state of Minnesota

Coverage Area:

All of Minnesota, including every city and county

Success Rate:

Growing with every person we serve.

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