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Thank you for all you do. My brother CM could not have accomplished this next step in his healing journey without your assistance.

- E. J. and The M’s Family

My worker had a lot of knowledge of hard to house client with criminal background like myself. She worked tirelessly on finding me an apartment that was affordable, handicapped accessible, and would accept my background.

- J.R.

Thank you for all your help in getting me my new apartment. The process was seamlessly easy. Felicia my case worker was so courteous throughout the process. I love you guys!

- D.H.

Very attentive and sensitive to the J’s Family needs. Helpfulness, patience you have, I can’t think of anything, the services were great.

- T.J.

She looked for area that was nice, was involved the entire time, I really appreciate all the help, it would be very hard to navigate through everything otherwise!

- Mary S

Amanda was always willing to talk when I needed advice, she gave me her cell phone number, was patient to my every question easy to arrange meeting times. Amanda was patiently reassuring that the financial pieces would fall into place, understood any concerns, good listener.

- Brad P

Everything stood out. Positive aspect of everything. He hopes they have more people to serve, just like his relocation worker.

- Cue H

My worker Melissa was thorough, patient and encouraging. Thank you for taking me seriously and explaining everything that was happening in details.

- Amy

When I had a problem my relocation worker was willing to help me, any requests were always accomplished, very helpful and nice person to work with.

- Tricia T

Feels like a miracle! I am so happy with the services; my worker is a go-getter.

- Guadlupe L

My new apartment was beautiful did not expect that! My worker devotion to helping me – noticed I was sick reported it to the nursing staff, advocated for me well.

- Jeff R

I had a very good case manager and she was always on time. My case manager was awesome throughout the whole process, I have recommended the company to friends. Keep excellent workers like Lindsay!

- Eric E

My Relocation worker was awesomely good, he was patient and understanding.

- Leatrice T

James work ethic stood out, he found me a place, I like it. James made everything happen!

- Greg F

Natasha was wonderful she went above and beyond to help me, Natasha was always kind to my mother, my mother absolutely adored her and we are both very grateful for all of her hard work. I will miss her!

- Greg D

Natasha was awesome at helping us to get what Tina needed! she is a Rockstar- would recommend her to everyone! Her communication was excellent. Natasha is what we all want for a relocation worker. She was good with keeping on task with finding a home that fits what she needs. Natasha always answered me no matter what time I called or text her. Love Natasha

- Tina F

Natasha was very helpful and did everything to help me with a smile.

- Unknown

Thank YOU. You do amazing work and Dominic is where he is at this moment, only because of you. I did not find the housing you did and he really wanted to move there. Thank you so very much. I really appreciate all that OCS staff does to help people at Bryn Mawr find a place to live.

- Hennepin County

Thank you so much Nou. You and staff at Opportunity Community Services provide outstanding service to the people who you work with. It makes a huge difference in their lives. Thank YOU

- Hennepin County