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Advantages of Opportunity
Community Services, Inc.

At Opportunity Community Services, Inc., we lead with our hearts. For us, the individuals we serve always come first, and we do what it takes to support them—whether that’s an extra round of practice before a big interview or a call from an individual after the case has been closed.

The OCS Advantage

That commitment to the people we serve is the OCS advantage, and it’s what helps us get great results for the individuals we serve in many different areas of their lives.

  • Finding safe and affordable housing
  • Finding jobs that are the right fit
  • Learning skills for independent living
  • Getting needed medical care
  • Getting around in the community
  • Getting essentials necessary for your home

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike some other agencies, we’re not just focused on your move. Of course, the move is very important. But it is also about breaking down barriers or bridging gaps. This could be overcoming past evictions, advocating for expungements, or getting assistance with obtaining income (Social security benefits, general assistants, or other cash benefits).

We find that the more we can help you prepare–and the more we can predict and prevent problems – the more likely you are to be happy in your new home. It’s about taking control of your future and finding hope and happiness in your new environment.

You should also know that our record of consistency and timely service sets us apart. When we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it. And we also try to move things along at a reasonable pace so that you can achieve your goals and objectives as quickly as possible.

We’re also known for our subject matter expertise. We have in-depth knowledge of the programs and assistance that may be available to you. You may have more options than you know about—and you may qualify for some types of support that you hadn’t considered. We’ll talk with you about your situation and help you understand the resources available to you.

Get Help. Contact Us.

The best way to get start changing your life is to reach out. Call 651.330.1559 or fill out the contact form to get started. We can answer questions and give you the support you need. In working with us, you’ll see what truly sets us apart.