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Individualized Home Supports (IHS)

Pathway to Independent Living

IHS services are dedicated to providing personalized assistance and training for individuals who reside in their own home or family home. Our commitment is to enhance the quality of life for our clients by offering three distinct types of IHS tailored to meet unique needs:

  1. Without Training:
    • Targeted support for daily living activities.
    • Cueing, guidance, and assistance with activities of daily living.
    • Community living service categories without specific training.
  2. With Training:
    • Skill-building and instructional services.
    • Comprehensive training in community living service categories.
    • Focused on acquiring, retaining, and improving community living experiences.
  3. With Family Training:
    • Support extends to both the individual and their family.
    • Empowering families with the skills and knowledge to provide ongoing support.
    • Strengthening the support network within the family environment.

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Support and Training in Community Living Service Categories

Our IHS offerings include a range of services within the covered community living service categories. 

Support in Community Living Service Categories:

Training in Community Living Service Categories:

Eligibility Criteria

IHS is available to individuals who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Live in their own home or their family’s home.
  • Receive services through one of the following waivers:
    • Brain Injury (BI)
    • Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI)
    • Community Alternative Care (CAC)
    • Developmental Disabilities (DD)

Remote Support Service Delivery Option

In addition to in-person services, we also offer remote support service delivery, providing flexibility and convenience for our clients.

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