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Housing Sustaining

Building Stability, Fostering Community

Housing Sustaining is a comprehensive service designed to support individuals in maintaining their homes and fostering community integration. Once housing is secured, our program focuses on various aspects to ensure the well-being and stability of individuals within their living environment. 

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Here are the key components of our Housing Sustaining service:

  1. Support the Development and Modification of Housing Support:
    • Regularly crafting and adjusting housing support to meet the evolving needs of individuals.
    • Crisis and safety plans are developed to address potential challenges and emergencies.
  2. Behavioral Identification and Prevention:
    • Early identification and proactive prevention of behaviors that could jeopardize housing stability.
    • Implementing strategies to foster a positive living environment and prevent conflicts.
  3. Education on Roles and Responsibilities:
    • Providing education on tenant rights, property manager roles, and the responsibilities associated with maintaining a residence.
    • Empowering individuals with the knowledge needed to navigate the landlord-tenant relationship effectively.
  4. Training on Lease Compliance and Household Management:
    • Continuous training on lease compliance to ensure individuals understand and adhere to contractual obligations.
    • Household management skills are developed, promoting responsible and sustainable living practices.
  5. Advocacy and Community Resources:
    • Advocating with community resources to prevent eviction and ensure the safety of individuals.
    • Establishing connections with local services to enhance overall support networks.
  6. Assistance with Housing Recertification:
    • Providing support during housing recertification processes to streamline and facilitate the renewal of housing arrangements.
  7. Benefit Application Support:
    • Assisting individuals in applying for benefits to retain housing, addressing financial aspects and ensuring access to necessary resources.
  8. Building Natural Housing Supports:
    • Creating connections and fostering relationships within the community that align with cultural identities.
    • Building natural support systems that contribute to a sense of belonging and community integration.

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