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Housing Transition

Empowering Transitions in Community Living

Housing Transition program is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and well-organized process for individuals undergoing significant changes in their living arrangements. We address not only the immediate housing needs but also offer guidance during this significant life transition. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth, well-planned transition by connecting individuals with essential services like medical, social, educational, housing and resources tailored to their unique needs and circumstances.

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The Housing Transition service include the following key components:

  1. Development of a Housing Transition Plan:
    • Collaborative creation of a personalized plan outlining the steps and milestones for a successful housing transition.
  2. Assistance with Benefit Applications:
    • Aid in the application process for housing-related benefits, ensuring individuals have access to financial support for affordable housing.
  3. Support in Housing Search and Application:
    • Guidance and assistance in searching for suitable housing and navigating the screening process.
    • Handling the completion of housing applications on behalf of the service recipient, streamlining the administrative process.
  4. Guidance on Budgeting and Lease Negotiation:
    • Financial guidance on budgeting for housing expenses and assistance in negotiating lease terms to ensure fair and sustainable agreements.
  5. Relationship-Building with Landlords:
    • Support and advice on positive relationships with landlords, fostering effective communication, and addressing concerns or issues that may arise.
  6. Transportation and Advocacy:
    • Provision of transportation services to facilitate attendance in housing-related discussions. 
    • Advocating to ensure the individual’s needs are met during housing-related discussions.
  7. Identifying Resources for Financial Support:
    • Assistance in identifying resources for deposits, moving expenses, and essential home goods to alleviate financial barriers to housing transition.
  8. Ensuring Safety and Readiness:
    • Comprehensive assessments and measures to ensure the safety and preparedness of the individual for their new living arrangement.

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