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We assist people with limited abilities or disabilities to find jobs that are right for them. We’ll find employers who want to work with you, help you apply for the job and get the skills and services necessary to do it well.

You might be afraid of losing your benefits if you work. We’ll help you understand how your new income will affect you. You might find that it benefits you in new and different ways—giving you more money in your pocket than you had before.


Employment services: Services that help people find and retain paid employment in community businesses where people without limited abilities are employed.

We offer three different types of Employment services.

Employment Exploration Services (Exploration)

These are individualized, community-based orientation services that introduce competitive employment opportunity through educational activities, learning opportunities, work experiences and support services. This assist the individual serve in making the best informed choice about working in competitively paying jobs in the community.

Employment Development Services (Development)

These are individualized services and supports that are designed to assist individuals with finding paid employment in the community business, there are also design to developing a self-employment opportunity in the community or establishing a microenterprise business in the community.

Employment Support Services (Support)

There are individualized services and support that assist individuals with maintaining paid employment in the community. Employment support services assist and sustain individuals working at individual jobs in community business, group work arrangement (e.g. work crew, job enclave, etc.) in community businesses, self-employment and microenterprise business in community.


To receive employment exploration services, a person must both:

  • Be eligible for BI, CAC, CADI or DD waiver services
  • Have employment exploration, Development, or support services as an assessed need in his/her coordinated services and supports plan (CSSP).

What we can assist you with

  • Individual and small group counseling
  • Individual job development and placement to find an appropriate job match for the person and the employer
  • Individualized work-related assessment
  • Long-term support to help the person retain his or her job
  • Supervision and monitoring of the person’s job performance
  • Training on;
    • position-specific skills;
    • skills required to obtain and retain employment (e.g. using community resources);
    • how to use break and lunch areas;
    • transportation resources.
  • Advocacy, negotiation and liaison communications with employers
  • Benefit(s) review and analysis
  • Design and implementation of schedules for support, job coach fading (i.e. reducing paid on-the-job support) and remote monitoring
  • Employment-specific transportation coordination
  • Job application, resume and cover letter development
  • Job-specific data collection, documentation and progress reporting
  • Negotiation of the person’s employment
  • Outreach with community businesses about available employment opportunities


Connect With Us.

An individual’s county case manager usually initiates their referral for employment services to us, but we can also connect with the county case manager on their behalf. Call 651.330.1559 or fill out the contact form to get started. We can answer questions and give you the support you need.