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Relocation Service Coordination-Targeted Case Management (RSC–TCM), is a Medical Assistance (MA) reimbursed case management benefit that helps people living in eligible institutions, like hospitals, nursing homes, and treatment centers. It’s designed to help you gain access to needed medical, social, and educational and other services so that you can leave the institution and move to a community-based setting.

Under the benefit, we can help you find a place to live that’s safe and affordable—even if your rental history isn’t so great (many people don’t have great rental histories). Our goal is to find you a place where you can be happy for a long time. There are some limits, however. You’ll need to meet certain requirements, and the benefit lasts for only six months.

When I had a problem my relocation worker was willing to help me, any requests were always accomplished, very helpful and nice person to work with.

- Tricia T

Relocation Services

RSC–TCM helps a recipient who resides in an eligible institution to plan, arrange and gain access to needed medical, social, educational, financial, housing and other services and supports that are necessary to move from an eligible institution to the community.

Eligible Recipients

A recipient is eligible to receive services when all of the following criteria are met:

  • Eligible for Medical Assistance(MA)
  • Resides in an institution that qualifies for services at the time of service delivery
  • Chooses to move into the community
  • Chooses to receive services
  • Targeted Case Management  benefit is not exhausted

Eligible institutions:

We are able to relocate residence from any of these institutions

  • Hospitals
  • Intermediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities or related conditions (ICF/DDs)
  • Institutions for Mental Disease (IMDs; includes Regional Treatment Centers (RTCs) licensed as hospitals or nursing facilities)
  • Nursing facilities (NFs) (includes skilled nursing and certified boarding care facilities)

How We Get It Done

We take pride in offering the best opportunities for our clients to live a productive life in the community. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients each and every day by using a person-centered planning approach. We work with individual to create a complete transition plan that will guide and help their move into the community a safe one. We also help set other services if need be.

  • Contacting the appropriate county agency.
  • Initiate the relocation process with potential relocation venues.
  • Look for good affordable apartments for you.
  • Make arrangements for tours to prospective relocation sites.
  • Help you with the housing application process even if you have poor rental history.
  • Assist you in contacting entities with movers, household items, furniture etc.
  • Assess the need for programs like: CADI, TBI, EW, etc.
  • Make arrangements for your transportation on your moving day.

Choose where you move to:

  • Group Home
  • Independent living Apartment
  • Housing with services
  • Assisted living community
  • Market rate apartment
  • Family Home

Getting Started:

If you would like to explore your options, please contact us at 651.330.1559

An appointment will be scheduled to help you and your family discuss your:

  • Housing needs
  • Health Needs
  • Long-term care, such as a need for help with bathing, medication, meals preparation, transportation, and chores
  • Financial resources and benefits
  • Personal interests and availability of family, friends and other support
  • Homecare and residential options and preferences

For Clients moving out of the Nursing Home on Waiver, they can qualify for up to $3000 for Essential furniture and household items. See Transitional Services page.


Get Help. Contact Us.

At Opportunity Community Services, Inc., we’re here to help. Get started by talking with an experienced social worker or case manager. Call us at 651.330.1559 or fill out the contact form, and we’ll get in touch with you.